Bankside almost finished in the Studio

The sculpture is almost finished at this point. I have fixed stainless steel bars (with holes for threaded lugs) to anchor the sculpture to the ground. I want to display the sculpture on natural ground. I don’t want any type of base. I think bases can be a distraction to work outside in many cases.

The printed mesh image being applied

I had made many experiments with applying the image to the surface of the sculpture. I had first planned to embed the mesh direct in the Jesmonite but it didn’t seem a strong enough bond. So I embedded the mesh in epoxy resin instead. This gives the surface a bullet proof water proofing and seals…

Reinforced casted bolt holes and threaded lugs.

These joints are all done now. They are the most important structural element of the sculpture. If these don’t align properly or are weak, then it would compromise the structure of the sculpture. The sculpture stands at 310cm so had to be strong….which they are. Next I will be doing some experiments with epoxy clear…

studio working progress-Two sections complete.

These two sections of the sculpture are now fully laminated. After a day or so they will be cured and completely rigid. I’ve tried to keep the sections small enough to get out of the door-Otherwise there is the window. There will be four sections in total and will all have bolting joints.